Toe Pain When You're Walking? Finding Toe Pain Relief

Your feet are a fantastic part of your body. They bear the brunt of contact with hard surfaces and carry the weight of the rest of your body. It stands to reason that there will be times when your foot or a toe will start to hurt, and you need time to heal. Dr. Rose Sotolongo, with The Foot Doctor, knows all about feet and toe pain in Ridgeland, MS. If you are suffering from toe pain, here are some ways to help ease the pain and start helping the area heal.

What You Can Do For Toe Pain

There are a lot of things that can happen to your feet. But when you experience toe pain in Ridgeland, MS, you might be looking for the following ways to help stop the pain and heal your toe.

  • Take some time and soak your foot in an Epsom salt bath. This kind of bath targets the skin's surface and helps eliminate any external sources that may be causing your pain.
  • If you find the pain is internal, try doing regular foot stretches. Cramping of the foot can also affect the toe and cause a lot of pain. Regular stretching helps keep the ligaments and muscles strong and flexible, which will help prevent toe pain.
  • Take time and exercise your foot. This will help keep your feet firm. Healthy and strong feet are less likely to experience periodic pain. And if you do sustain an injury, a strong foot will be able to heal faster and better.
  • Get a good foot massage. A message will help the blood flow to the injured toe, encouraging healing.

Dr. Sotolongo with The Foot Doctor knows all about feet and toe pain in Ridgeland, MS. She can answer all your questions and help get your foot and toes back to total health. If you have any questions, please call us today at (601) 206-9101. You do not have to live in pain any longer.

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