The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care

The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care

If you're a diabetic, infections, nerve damage and circulation issues are all serious risks to your podiatric health. This is because diabetes can damage your nerves and decrease blood flow to your feet. If you live in Ridgeland, MS, contact the podiatric office of Dr. Rose Sotolongo to receive treatment for all your foot care needs. Until then, here are some things you should do in order to keep your feet healthy.

Examine Your Feet

When you're diabetic, it's important to examine your feet each day. The following symptoms are signs that you need to seek medical attention:

  • Your feet feel warmer in some areas.
  • Your feet are red.
  • Your feet are tender when you touch a specific area.
  • Your feet feel numb or painful.
  • Your feet are peeling and cracking.

Untreated Foot Complications

Diabetics should seek immediate medical attention when they notice changes in their feet. Since people with diabetes experience decreased blood flow to their feet and nerve damage, they have reduced sensation. If you are a diabetic, you may not notice that you have cuts, infections, or ulcers on your feet. If left untreated, the condition can worsen and ultimately lead to amputation of your foot or leg.

How to Care for Your Feet

When you have diabetes, you can prevent foot issues by never walking barefoot. You may accidentally step on a sharp object but not feel the cut until it has become infected. Always wash your feet in lukewarm water. Thoroughly dry them and apply lotion to the top and bottom of your feet. Never put lotion between your toes as this can encourage fungus to grow.

If you have nerve damage or other diabetic foot problems, visit your podiatrist regularly for toenail care and foot exams. Never try to remove calluses on your own. Let your podiatrist remove them If you live in Ridgeland, MS, contact the podiatric office of Dr. Rose Sotolongo for further suggestions.

Diabetics must be extra vigilant when it comes to foot care. A simple cut can lead to catastrophic results if left untreated. By examining your feet each day, never going barefoot, bathing your feet in lukewarm water and visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis, you can safeguard both your feet and your overall health. Schedule an appointment at our Ridgeland, MS, podiatric office so that Dr. Rose Sotolongo can provide you with the treatment specific to your needs. Contact us at 601-206-9101 for an appointment.

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