Treating Your Toenail Fungus

Treating Your Toenail Fungus

Keeping toenail fungus under control isn't always easy. If your nails are still yellow after trying a variety of over-the-counter fungus products, it's time to visit your podiatrist in Ridgeland, MS, Dr. Rose Sotolongo of The Foot Doctor.

Getting your toenail fungus under control

No matter how diligently you apply drugstore products, your nails may still be yellow and thick. Although over-the-counter medications can kill fungus in the outer layers of the nails, they aren't as effective in reaching the deeper layers of the tissue under your nails.

Fortunately, your Ridgeland foot doctor offers treatments that are very effective in killing fungus in your entire nail and the nail bed. Depending on your condition, she may prescribe topical medications that work much more effectively than over-the-counter products.

If your toenail fungus is particularly stubborn and topical medications aren't helping, oral anti-fungal medication or laser treatment may be the next step. Oral medications can kill the fungus in six to 12 weeks. The treatment isn't recommended if you have liver disease or congestive heart failure.

Laser treatment kills fungus immediately. Laser light generates heat that destroys the fungus and the yellow pigment that gives it its color.

Removal of the nail might be necessary if the fungus doesn't respond to other treatments. Removing the nail makes it much easier to treat the fungus in the nail bed.

Keep in mind that you won't see an immediate change in the appearance of your nails after any treatment. Although the fungus will be dead, your nail will remain yellow. As the nail grows, you'll start to see clear growth emerging from the bottom. In a matter of months, the nail will begin to look much better.

Protecting your toenails after treatment

Although the fungus in your nails will be killed after your treatment, you can still develop a new fungal infection. Decrease your risk of developing an infection by:

  • Wearing sandals in public showers, locker rooms, and while walking on pool decks
  • Switching your shoes every day to allow sweat to dry fully
  • Using powder to reduce sweating
  • Wearing moisture-wicking socks
  • Changing sweaty socks throughout the day
  • Washing your feet every day (including every time you change sweaty socks)

Are you struggling with toenail fungus? Call your podiatrist in Ridgeland, MS, Dr. Rose Sotolongo of The Foot Doctor, at (601) 206-9101 to schedule an appointment.

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