Trauma to Toenails

Trauma to Toenails

We've all been there, in the middle of the night stumping our toe on furniture. But trauma to toenails can occur for many different reasons. Toenails can become damaged after an injury to the foot or after repeated stress while wearing ill-fitting shoes. The symptoms can often be treated at home if they're mild, but you should always seek the advice of your podiatrist. Learn more about what to do in the case of toenail trauma by contacting Dr. Rose Sotolongo in Ridgeland, MS.

Common Causes and Prevention

Accidents are hard to predict, it's in their nature that we can't always see them coming. But we can do a lot to prepare against them.

While at work, follow guidelines relating to protective steel toe shoes or similar protections if you handle heavy objects daily. Shoes should also not be tight-fitting so that your toes aren't bunched up against the walls of the shoe, or against other toes. It isn't always a sudden impact that can cause trauma to toenails, as wearing the wrong shoes while running or just walking can cause problems over time, a common result is an ingrown toenail. If nails are improperly cut they can also lead to complications.

Caring For Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be submerged in warm water to help with the inflammation, this should be done a few times a day. Over-the-counter medicine can also help if inflammation or pain is present, even without an ingrown toenail. What you shouldn't do is attempt to pry the toenail on your own, especially if you suspect it's already infected.

Your doctor can safely treat your injured nail, whether it's ingrown or broken, and trim it so that it might grow naturally. When the damage and infection are more extensive, removing the nail may be necessary, either partially or completely.

Toe Pain Treatment in Ridgeland, MS

Don't just learn to live with the pain, as it's very unlikely that it will go away on its own, given that you'll continue to use your feet to get around, probably making the problem worse. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Sotolongo in Ridgeland, MS, by dialing (601) 206-9101.

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