Peripheral Artery Disease and Feet

Peripheral Artery Disease and Feet

Are you suffering from foot pain in Ridgeland, MS? If so, there is a chance you might have peripheral artery disease. This is a cardiovascular condition that impacts a large number of people across the country. It can also lead to significant complications if it is not properly managed. How does this impact your feet, and what should you do to protect them? Dr. Rose Sotolongo with The Foot Doctor can help you manage this condition.

What Is Peripheral Artery Disease?

Peripheral artery disease is a relatively common cardiovascular condition that makes it hard for your blood to circulate throughout certain parts of your body. Specifically, this is a condition that can clog up arteries close to your extremities. For example, peripheral artery disease might impact your hands, making it difficult for them to get access to the oxygen and nutrients they require.

This condition can also impact your feet. For example, the cells in your feet might have a difficult time receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to power their cellular processes. Therefore, there are significant symptoms you might notice.

How Does it Impact Your Feet?

The cells in your feet require a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to work properly. If there is not enough blood flow going to your feet, the cells in your feet may start to suffer. As a result, you might develop foot pain in Ridgeland, MS.

In addition to foot discomfort, you may notice swelling in your feet as well. Furthermore, you might notice that your feet are starting to swell, and they might even start to go numb after a while. As a result, you may not be able to tell if your feet are bothering you. This can lead to significant complications, and you need to work with a doctor who can help you take care of your feet while also managing this condition. Fortunately, your doctor can help you manage peripheral artery disease in your feet.

How Is the Condition Managed?

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, there are several treatment options available. First, you need to see a foot doctor regularly to make sure you are not developing serious complications. Second, you should try to exercise regularly to protect your cardiovascular system. Finally, you need to eat a healthy diet to prevent this condition from getting worse. If you would like help managing foot pain in Ridgeland, MS, then you need to work with Dr. Sotolongo of The Foot Doctor. Call (601) 206-9101 to make an appointment.

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