Don't Ignore Your Heel Pain
By Rose M. Sotolongo, DPM
January 10, 2018
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Chronic heel pain is a problem that affects up to 60 percent of Americans every year according to the American Podiatric Medical heel painAssociation. The APMA also found that this foot condition is most common in women, athletes, and younger people. Heel pain is not something that you should ignore until it becomes unbearable. You should have it treated soon at The Foot Doctor in Ridgeland, MS.

When You Have Heel Pain
If you find yourself grabbing your heels to soothe them often after walking or running or participating in athletics, you are probably suffering from heel pain. This is a condition that podiatrists see often and that they can usually treat successfully with non-invasive solutions. Heel pain is most commonly associated with plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome, but it can also occur from continual friction with the back of an uncomfortable shoe.

Why You Should Treat Heel Pain
Some people choose to ignore chronic heel pain, which is not the best idea. It’s not going to get better if you continue the same habits without making a change. The worse your heel pain gets, the more problems can develop as time goes on. For instance, the irritation caused by plantar fasciitis could cause bony spurs to form on the heel bone, which is even more painful. Also, keep in mind that when you endure heel pain for long periods of time it could have a negative effect on the nerves in your feet.

Heel Pain Treatment and Prevention Tips
Your Ridgeland podiatrist will treat heel pain with physical therapy, orthotic inserts, stretching techniques, and a modern therapy called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment. Once your heel pain goes away after treatment, your best course of action is to take preventive measures so that it doesn’t happen again. Here are a few simple tips to follow:

- Invest in better shoes—most heel pain starts because of poorly made shoes and high heels.
- Make an effort to lose weight.
- Don’t overdo it when you exercise or play sports.
- Do the foot stretching exercises you learned from your podiatrist every day.

Get Help Managing Your Symptoms
If you’re struggling with heel pain, get help from Dr. Rose Sotolongo at The Foot Doctor in Ridgeland, MS. Schedule an examination by calling (601) 206-9101 today.


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